Delivering spaces and places through trust, integrity and honesty.

Founder & Team
Founded in 1993 by Steve Davis, Grantside is a leading property developer and investor.‍
Steve is Founder and CEO of Grantside, and a respected figure in the UK development and construction industry with nearly 30 years of experience.

At the helm of Grantside he has overseen the successful development of over 2 million sq ft of commercial, logistics and residential property schemes.

He drives the company forwards always seeking to innovate and provides a guiding hand to each project.

He brings together a team of experts to deliver the special and unique spaces and places the company always seeks to deliver.

A keen high altitude mountain climber, Steve has seen first hand the effects of climate change on the environment and has made this a priority within Grantside to develop sustainable and environmentally conscious properties with aspirations to build only Zero Carbon properties by 2030.

His aim is to build people based developments that embrace and nurture wellbeing alongside exceptional design, specification and technology to create environments where people live, work and thrive.

Mobile:  07711 062 982

Building properties, creating places
Placemaking is what we do.

Each of our Projects should in its own unique way create its own 'place', this may be public or private but should promote people's health, happiness and well-being.

Each place should promote feeling safe and secure, should be designed on a Human Scale with its own identity appealing to the senses and provide amenity, activity and connectivity.
Over 25 years of experience in delivering property excellence
Whilst we have years of experience we believe our greatest asset is to constantly adapt, accept and lead on change for the continued improvement of our Projects.

Embracing new technology, environmental understandings and occupiers requirements within each of our schemes, each project should build upon the knowledge of the previous one and ensure that each is delivered with a cutting edge specification and design relevant for today's user and operator.
Building on its own skills Grantside brings together a team of experts to deliver
We bring together expertise and talent on each of our projects that are handpicked to ensure they deliver the right outcome.

We assemble a team of professionals and consultants suited to each Project Vision, delivering each developments values and aspirations across a matrix of specifically selected criteria.